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Lives, marriages, families, parishes…transformed by Jesus.

Here are just a few of the testimonies we’ve received lately from participants when asked about areas in their lives that have been impacted by their experiences with Preambula Group.


have a closer relationship with Christ

“First, this experience has deepened my relationship with God. As stated by Jesus, as I love God more, I love others more. My patience and love of others is becoming part of my life day by day, minute by minute.”


are now more active in their local parish

“I have joined the Hospitality Committee and am helping to plan events such as coffee and donuts, dinners, etc. where people feel welcomed and which will help create a healthy, vibrant community in the parish.”


say their marriages have improved

“Knowing my strengths helps me recognize my husband’s gifts and appreciate that he too has been blessed with his own gifts, strengths, and talents. Accepting the differences in how we approach situations leads to a more harmonious home life.”


say that their families are stronger

“Going through On Fire has definitely made me a better mother. I have a much greater appreciation for my children as gifts from God after going through this experience. I now see my family as a sacred unit, and I feel passionate about evangelizing in and through my family. It is God’s gift to me and to the world!”