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Discover how God speaks to you

If you have gone through On Fire, consider joining a Prophetic Huddle!

When most Catholics hear about prophecy, they think of people foretelling the future and correcting people. Yet St. Paul says that we should “strive eagerly for the spiritual gifts, above all that you may prophesy.” (1Cor 14:1). So, what does that mean? Prophecy is about our relationship with God. God loves us and speaks to us. It is for all of Jesus’ disciples; we can all learn to hear his voice and engage with this gift. Prophecy is also about responding to God’s voice in love and service. All of this is best engaged in as a community where we can journey and grow together and be held accountable.

What is it?

The prophetic huddle is designed to help you grow in knowledge, understanding and experience of listening to God and sharing it with others, within a context of discipleship.

We do this by providing tools, principles and skills that are accessible and reproducible.

Our goals for huddle participants are to:

  • Become a more effective disciple
  • Grow in hearing and discerning God’s voice
  • Focus on personal and ministerial growth
  • Experience healthy accountability and partnership with peers
  • Gain skills to disciple other people in hearing God

What to expect

  • Small group meetings via Zoom of 3-5 participants
  • Meeting 1¼ hours every other week for a year.
  • It is organized so that during certain seasons the group can decide to skip a meeting or a week (e.g. around Christmas time or summer time)

Participant commitment

  • Attend sessions consistently
  • Complete preparation between sessions (reading, reflecting and praying).
  • Books: My Sheep Have Ears by Cath Livesey (required), Building a Discipling
  • Culture by Mike Breen (not required)
  • Cost: $65/month


I heard God speak:

“I experienced another transformative step in my journey to the heart of the Father during my experience of Huddle. It was such a gift! Through Huddle I became convicted that God wants, and does speak to me personally. I learned how to listen for his voice. What transformation this has brought to my prayer life, as I no longer feel like I am having a one-sided conversation with Jesus!”

More secure in my identity:

“I have gained a better appreciation for what it means to live out my faith as a disciple of Christ and how this gift can help me to disciple others. I have also obtained a greater sense of security in my identity as a beloved daughter of the Father, which has helped me to have confidence in opening my heart to Jesus.”


“Excellent experience. I think I grew in this journey more than the others. I feel more confident in my discerning. The Lord speaks through me for others.”

How God loves me:

“It revealed how God talks to me. It showed me that God is a real person, and that I actually have a relationship with each person of the Trinity. And that, like with any relationship, the more it is cultivated, the stronger it grows. But most importantly, it gave me a small glance at the way God loves *me*, not as a part of humanity, not in a collective way, but in a personal, and intimate, unimaginable way. It is like having been shown a new dimension that has always been right there. I just didn’t know it.”

Ministering to others:

“LOVE my huddle! It is the beginning of a lifetime learning process of being able to ‘minister Jesus personally’ to others.”

Interested in signing up?

If you have gone through On Fire and would like to join a Huddle, please email Kathy at