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Find the roadmap to your best life

Curious to know what following Jesus really means for your life?

Many Christians are not sure if following Jesus more deeply will make their life, here and now, any better. The Way is the first step in a continuum of guided experiences for people to discover what wonderful things Jesus will do for them if they trust Him to lead them to a wholehearted and joyful life. Participants will learn the authentically Christian Way to a deeper personal connection with God, interior freedom, a resilient faith, and the fullness of life. Come and see how faith in Jesus will make you happy and whole.

Is this for me?

  • Are you curious to learn more about who Jesus is? 
  • Do you wish your faith in Jesus would change your life for the better but are not sure how that works or where it leads?
  • Would you like to experience Jesus in a new, intimate and profound way?
  • Do you desire to make friends with other faith-filled people?
  • Would you like to learn how to pray with Scripture?
  • Does finding healing and integration appeal to you?

What to expect

  • Enjoy a live eight-week group experience.
  • Enjoy guided scriptural reflections that help participants know Jesus personally and intimately.
  • Join a community of faith where new friendships can be formed.
  • Participate in group and private prayer encounters with Jesus that open new horizons of God’s love for you.
  • Experience personal growth along the path of healing and the integration of life.
  • Receive transformative teachings within the setting of both large and small group discussions.

Participant commitment

  • Attend all 8 sessions 
  • Do some spiritual reading between sessions
  • Participate in table sharing during sessions
  • Cost: $50


I found Jesus:

I absolutely loved The Way! I’m on a journey to find a deeper meaning in life and know that Jesus is it! I needed help getting there and am so thankful I was introduced to this experience. I’m so excited to continue with On Fire!

A new experience:

“This gave me a sense of what the first disciples may have experienced as they followed and learned from Jesus together.”

Hope at the right time:

“The experience helped me to trust and hope in God more, which I truly needed at this time. Thank you.”

Freedom and healing:

“It helped me identify wounds that I didn’t know existed… I understand better the freedom that God desires for each one of us, and by accepting the graces He wants to give I have found encouragement and healing.”

Not a Bible study:

Definitely will recommend, it is a great way to connect with people and the Word in a deep and powerful way. Every session I heard a message from God, through the scripture or through comments or confirmations from others in the group. It is an experience not a bible study.

Interested in signing up? Join us for The Way!

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