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Join the movement that changes everything

Do you long to discover your mission and step out with confidence to share your love of Jesus with others?

God has given each of us a mission to bring Christ’s Kingdom to the world around us—in fact, he created us for a personal mission. Your Mission is an opportunity for those who have been through On Fire to journey with other On Fire alum to learn how to share your love of Jesus comfortably and confidently with those around you. It enables participants to discover their call and take risks as they step out in faith to live as mature disciples capable of bringing Jesus to those who do not know Him. Upon completion of the journey, each cohort continues as a community of missionary disciples, supporting each other in their desire to bring Jesus into their spheres of influence.

What to expect

  • Enjoy 8 live sessions (in person or on Zoom) that meet every three weeks.
  • Experience time to connect and collaborate with other missionary disciples.
  • Grow in your knowledge and experience of the Church’s most basic call to share Jesus with others.
  • Learn how to accompany others who have no faith through the Forge missionary formation program.
  • Experience the thrill of going out and blessing others in your immediate context.
  • Receive one-on-one coaching and mentorship around your personal mission.

Personal Commitment

  • A willingness to step out of your comfort zone and stretch into your mission
  • Attend all eight, two-hour sessions
  • Complete Forge video modules prior to each session (approximately 1.5 additional hours per month)
  • Complete all readings and action steps prior to each session (approximately 2 additional hours per month)
  • Cost: $400



“My experience of Your Mission resulted in a transformation in the way I think, see, and move as a disciple of Jesus. How I understand my “sent-ness” and what I’m actually to do is completely different than I thought. I was taking on way too much responsibility, too much “ungodly” self-reliance, and not seeing fruit. As soon as I surrendered the “heavy lifting” to Jesus I experienced freedom and peace. Loving, listening, and asking questions to find out what good news looks like to another became fun, fulfilling, and more fruitful.”

More like Jesus:

“I am experiencing a true transformation in myself and it is beautiful. Lately, people are making comments to me about how I said the right words when they needed them, or touched them in a special way. A lady said I exemplified what a Christian woman should be like and I get to share in some of these remarks that I am remolding myself daily to be more like Jesus in my heart and in all of my ways. ”

How it works:

“We begin at the core of human society, relationships, and gently enter in to where we have been ‘sent’, that is, the place/places in which the Lord has situated us (job, family, neighborhood). We begin to interact with those there, sharing of ourselves, listening well, and serving in everyday or simple ways. Over time, trust is built, where heart to heart relationships may begin. With trust and God’s grace comes opening, and willingness to hear. And this is often where the Lord would have us demonstrate our faith through love of the people to whom we have been sent. The Lord calls people to Himself, and he uses us to help plant the seed and water the soil.”

Continued growth:

“I loved the experience. It challenged me to start being intentional in reaching out in faith to others while also giving me a group to get ideas and support from.”

Life Changing:

“I can’t thank you enough for this experience…and without coming off as an obvious cliche…the experience for me, was life changing. I am definitely spending more time in reflection and prayerful thanksgiving. This will not go away! From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

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