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Who We Are

Our Mission

Preambula Group helps individuals and parishes thrive in the heart of Jesus. We offer guided spiritual experiences that help you encounter Jesus, discover your deepest identity, and become His mission to the world.

Our Vision

We are building a movement of Christian renewal through raising up disciples who are on fire to help the church thrive, grow, and reach out to others.

Our Strategy

Our refined art of spiritual facilitation fosters an environment where freedom, self-discovery, intimacy with Jesus, and a greater sense of purpose spring forth. Our guided experiences are carefully constructed to meet individuals where they are and help them go deeper.

Our Promise

We offer a genuine formation at the heart of the Christian experience that integrates a person’s knowledge of the faith with self-awareness around one’s unique gifting, growth in Christian virtue, a rich prayer life in communion with God, healing, as well as ongoing discernment about a person’s call to mission.


[ pree-AMB-you-la ]

Preambula is taken from the Latin phrase Praeambula Fidei, which means “preambles of faith” and refers to the seeds God has planted in the human heart that germinate and grow when a person encounters Jesus. Our goal is to cultivate those seeds of faith and help them mature and bear fruit.

Our Staff

Board of Directors


Teri M. Zbihley


Lance Sabados

Board of Advisors

Our Partners