Who We Are

We are an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the mission of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

Our vision is a network of well-formed missionary disciples who feel confident and comfortable sharing their faith with others.

We are working to build a network of motivated Catholics equipped to bridge the distance between Jesus and those who are distant from Him. Today, we feel this distance acutely, even with our neighbors, friends, and those next to us in the pews. Preambula Group forms Catholics to enter this unknown and often uncomfortable space with the formation, community building, and relevant messaging that will embolden them to encounter, engage, and accompany others into relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

We provide formation at the heart of the Christian experience and help people use their gifts to bring Christ to others.

We know that Jesus is calling us to make disciples; we have heard the Church and our Popes echo this throughout the years, especially recently. Preambula Group recognizes that the “how” is the tough part. We seek to increase the capacity of Catholics to “get involved by word and deed in people’s daily lives . . . no matter how difficult or lengthy this may prove to be” (Pope Francis, Joy of the Gospel), so that they can reach those standing at a distance from Jesus and His Church.

Our Strategy

Our strategy unfolds through a continuum of formation experiences as we accompany people along the path of mature Christian discipleship and out into the mission field.

With Jesus as our guide, we desire, “a Church that goes forth,” and a network of people who are unafraid to overcome the greatest cultural barriers to invite others to a life lived in the fulness of God’s grace. Christians in the early Church did two things to build God’s kingdom. They lived authentic and meaningful lives of faith in Jesus Christ and they brought Him to everyone they met. The strategy today is no different.


[ pree-AMB-you-la ]

Preambula is taken from the Latin phrase Praeambula Fidei, which refers to the seeds of faith God has planted in the human heart. Our goal is to cultivate those seeds of faith and help them grow. Preamble also comes from the Latin, ambulare, which means “to walk.” Pre-ambula indicates what happens before one can walk in the Way of Christian faith. It speaks to the importance of the work of pre-evangelization, that ministry which disposes people to hearing the Gospel message of salvation in Jesus Christ.

Our Staff

Board of Directors

Board of Advisors

We are honored by the many Board members who's expertise, support, and guidance make this important work possible. In our BOARD PORTAL you will find a growing collection of resources for your use.