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Become who God created you to be

Wait! Have you gone through The Way yet? If not, it is recommended you start there before applying for On Fire. Check out The Way here. If you’ve already experienced The Way or have been recommended to start here, you can learn more about On Fire below or apply using the button above.

Do you seek a heart consumed by God’s love and a community to walk with?

Followers of Jesus desire a deeper experience of God’s love in their life, but often do not know how to get there. For those who have been through The Way (or any committed disciple), On Fire invites people to journey in a community that helps deepen their relationship with Jesus, discover their innermost identity as beloved children of God, and experience healing and integration. Participants explore in prayer who God is for them, how much He loves them, and how He is leading them. They learn to discern what is from God and what is not, and how to respond to His Spirit of love. They receive tools to discover their gifting, and how they are being called to follow Jesus more closely. Join a mix of twelve men and women on a journey that will change your life forever.

Is this for me?

  • Do you desire to hear from God so he can speak into your life?
  • Are you seeking a small community of fellow disciples to journey with?
  • Would knowing your unique gifts make a difference in your life?
  •  Would you like to learn the art of spiritual discernment?
  • Does moving your faith from your head to your heart appeal to you?
  • Do you feel God is calling you to more, but you don’t know how to get there?

What to expect

  • Enjoy a two-day (overnight) retreat followed by 8 sessions every other week.
  • Create a habit of prayer that deepens your interior life and relationship with God.
  • Experience a community of faith where you can share deep spiritual experiences with each other.
  • Grow in self-knowledge by understanding how you are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14).
  • Learn the practice of spiritual discernment and explore various prayer styles.
  • Receive a more confident grasp of how God is leading you.

Participant commitment

  • Attend all sessions
  • Pray with Scripture daily
  • Receive 4 hours of individual coaching
  • Cost: $250*

*The formation you’ll receive costs $900 but past attendees have donated funds so more people can be exposed to this life changing experience. How awesome is that?


On Fire participant: Became a facilitator.

“Transformation is at the heart of my On Fire Journey.  As a participant, I discovered the person God created and never felt more alive and empowered.  As a leader, I have walked with others by encountering Jesus in the word, in nature, in our imaginations, and in each other.”

On Fire Participant: Deeply impacted.

“It’s an intimate fellowship that I have not seen much of in the Catholic Church…I was deeply impacted by this fantastic opportunity.”

On Fire Participant: Head to heart.

“It fed me and challenged me in new ways. It took my faith from my head to my heart.”

On Fire participant: Life long Catholic.

I always thought I knew God. I thought I knew how to pray. I thought I had a good relationship with him…Now I know him in a new way, he gives me new insight, and I know how to live my life for him.”

On Fire participant: Experiencing real growth.

“I already feel that the experience thus far is leading me to face things I have been avoiding for a long time. After the retreat and with each day’s integration prayer, I feel growing peace, confidence, assurance, direction.”

On Fire participant: Please allow me to sponsor.

“I would like to sponsor someone for On Fire. This is just on my heart. Thank you, for this helped me on my journey.”

Interested in signing up? Join us for On Fire!

To view upcoming cohort dates, check the events page. Apply using the button below.