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Emily Belchick

Ministry Consultant & Co-Director of the Metanoia Project

Emily’s gifts for inspiring discipleship as a lifestyle in others, coaching, experience, and her natural enthusiasm make her integral to various initiatives of the Preambula Group.

Her 21 years of experience as a teacher, and 19 years in various forms of parish ministry inform her work as co-Director of the Metanoia Project. This includes leading prayer experiences and accompanying pastors, clergy, and key leaders through each phase of the “metanoia cycle.” She conceptualizes and leads retreats, days of reflection, and workshops to support parish and spiritual leaders and leaders of lay apostolates. By collaborating with parish and Preambula leaders our hope is to develop and share the Metanoia Project with other parishes.

Additionally, Emily facilitates our guided experiences. One of our earliest attendees, she has now proven to be a sought-after facilitator of specifically the “On Fire” experience. By accompanying and coaching others using various assessment tools she is able to offer spiritual accompaniment within our Preambula Lead framework.


Family is of the utmost importance to Emily. To assist others, she began the Trinity Book Collection and is the author of We Baptize You, which provides families books and resources to encounter Christ.

Emily lives in North Huntington with her husband Tom and their children Ray (23), Ryan (20), and Emma (12).

Why we invest...

…so heavily in individuals is precisely because there is no other way to be a missionary disciple. Emily’s is a great example of the joy we have seen in past attendees become facilitators and inspiring so many others.

“Transformation is at the heart of my On Fire Journey.  As a participant, I discovered the person God created and never felt more alive and empowered.  As a leader, I have walked with others by encountering Jesus in the word, in nature, in our imaginations, and in each other.” – Emily Belchick

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Metanoia Project

Along with Co-Director Scott Lieb, Emily has begun working with a group of pastors in beginning stages of what we call the “metanoia cycle.” We are so pleased to hear of the early fruit and ask you to pray with us that this pilot project may effect other parishes in the future.

“The Metanoia Project syncs the pastor, clergy, staff, and parish leaders with the heart beat of Christ.  Through powerful prayer experiences and deep faith sharing, a rhythm is established.  It is in this rhythm where true and lasting parish transformation is possible.” – Emily Belchick

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