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A testimony by Ellen Franty

Can “one person” make a significant impact on a community? Simply stated, YES!

“The personal development and coaching during OnFire had a significant impact on my self-confidence and happiness. I no longer feel the need to work on my weaknesses but to accept them and better use my strengths. I am less anxious and critical and approach difficult personalities in a calm, curious manner. OnFire helped me to see every interaction as an opportunity to spread God’s love. HE gave me beautiful gifts and I continue to work and share these. Just this year, I coordinated a weekly “PB&J Brigade” with my neighborhood ladies. We make 150 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the Red Door each week. Several months into this ministry, we have made more than 7,000 sandwiches for the homeless and created camaraderie among my neighbors at the same time!”