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A testimony by Brian Tittman

My On Fire experience transformed how I perceived myself and my God given gifts. What I had always viewed as a weakness of mine was my top strength in CliftonStrengths.  How is that possible? I admired people who were organized and could put together social events with little or no effort. My thought was “I need to learn to be better at this or that”, never looking at myself as someone who necessarily had great talent or valuable gifts. On Fire opened the door for me to stop looking at other people’s strengths and where I was lacking skills, but to look at the unique ones I was given by God for service to Him. My On Fire experience guided me in a way I never expected.

I recently accepted a position as RCIA Co-Director at my parish. I would have never considered this opportunity had I not gone through On Fire. It was a perfect bridge for my Teacher/Prophet style of ministry, discovered through an APEST assessment which indentifies natural, ministry motivation and expression. In this new position, I am already feeling the grace of journeying with others. Introducing them to the Catholic faith. Teaching them about our faith’s foundation, how to pray, and planting the seeds of faith so they can live it both socially and spiritually.  I am looking forward to engaging them in ways to celebrate their faith in their homes and through participation in their parish, revealing to them the entire spectrum of how faith can be shared in every aspect of one’s life. What an honor and grace to recognize that my God given gifts are being used to bring the faith to those searching to learn more. 

[Preambula Group offers a genuine formation at the heart of the Christian experience that integrates a person’s knowledge of the faith with self-awareness around one’s unique gifting, growth in Christian virtue, a rich prayer life in communion with God, healing, as well as ongoing discernment about a person’s call to mission.]