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A testimony by Jim and Kathy Drummond

On fire took my husband, Jim and I on a journey from “Comfortable Catholic” to a personal relationship with Jesus. Jim was the one who initiated participating in On Fire (initially resisted by me 😊). We seem to work in tandem with each other – at times one of us leading and other times the other taking the initiative.

We did the On Fire experience together, and while we have always been pretty “together” with our life, this experience has increased our bond and our understanding of each other’s spiritual journey. We are much more supportive of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. I find I am more patient and tolerant with the everyday push/pull of married life.

On Fire also gave us a personal relationship with Jesus. We found ourselves trusting Him more and more. This experience was much deeper and richer than prior experiences with the Lord. It also gave both of us an increased sense of service. Jim and I went on to head Amen to Action food packing event, became marriage mentors for Renew the I Do and assisted with a Renewal of Vows mass in October for more than 120 people!

Jim joined two On Fire alumni to work on ideas to revitalize our parish which has contributed to many of the activities we are doing now. Jim is now on the Parish Pastoral Council and I am working on the Evangelization and Discipleship Committee of the council. This has been a major focus for us.
We have become much better at turning things over to the Lord. Consenting to co-chair the Amen to Action event on such short notice, and without a clear rodmap of what to do, is something we would not have typically done. We truly put it into the Lord’s hand and trusted that He would guide us and work things out. And He absolutely did!!

The Lord keeps taking us in a direction He wants.