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January is the month of new resolutions and beginnings. Integration and growth in our journey of life requires going forth and stepping across the thresholds of our comfort zone. We cannot move toward something new unless we are willing to step beyond what we know and are comfortable with. This is what we can learn from the Three Wisemen, as we wind down the Christmas season.

They left the domesticity of “home” and the familiar and ventured toward the promise of salvation revealed by a star. Their journey was born by hope of something beyond and better than their present experience. They knew what the sign meant but would they find the one whom they sought? They obviously believed they would. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have set out.

God gives us signs as well to step out and move toward something more. Do you have the courage to set out as the Magi did? To seek and then find Jesus in an unexpected place you couldn’t anticipate? Where are you placing limits on God’s capacity and desire to surprise you by his promises? So often, we expect the worst to happen, or we expect our dreams to remain unfulfilled. Thus, we retreat into our strongholds of security.

We know that the Magi anticipated God’s blessing because they came prepared with gifts to give. They were already thankful for the fulfilled promise–the epiphany of God’s love for all humanity. Their gifts were a sign of their gratitude for the one who gave Himself as a gift to them. Despite not “knowing” how everything might play out, they displayed a confident expectation of God’s generosity toward them.

We must also be willing to move toward the gift God offers. I say a prayer at the beginning of every day thanking God for all the blessings of the day. I have no idea what’s going to happen on any given day. Even when I have a plan. But no matter what happens I know that this day and all that fills it will be a blessing in some way to me. Even if it is arduous or disappointing, I am always able to learn and grow in holiness because God is calling me to step out and move toward His blessing.

As we roll into 2024, let’s not lose sight of God’s generosity and blessing, especially when we are met with the unexpected mystery of God’s plan for our lives.

Blessings in Christ,