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Your Giving Tuesday Gift goes Twice as Far!

We are so thankful to announce that one of our Alum will be generously matching all Giving Tuesday donations up to $10,000! Preambula Group continues to enable people to come closer to the heart of Jesus and go out to share Him with others in their communities. Help us continue to accompany people on the road to discipleship so they too can impact others in YOUR parishes and communities.

Why Your Gift Matters

Lives, marriages, families, parishes…transformed by Jesus. Here are just a few of the testimonies we’ve received lately from participants when asked about areas in their lives that have been impacted by their experiences with Preambula Group.

“I have always been active in my parish but my experience with On Fire is what led to my heart’s true passion and what I truly believe is now my calling in this life. We have been able to offer hope and direction to HUNDREDS of people and share what the church teaches about end-of-life care and address sensitive questions with honesty and compassion.” – Kathy

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“My On Fire experience transformed how I perceived myself and my God given gifts. What I had always viewed as a weakness of mine was my top strength in CliftonStrengths. How is that possible? My thought was always “I need to learn to be better at this or that”, never looking at myself as someone who necessarily had great talent or valuable gifts. On Fire opened the door for me to stop looking at other people’s strengths and where I was lacking skills, but to look at the unique ones I was given by God for service to Him. My OnFire experience guided me in a way I never expected.”

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Can “one person” make a significant impact on a community? Simply stated, YES! On Fire helped me to see every interaction as an opportunity to spread God’s love. Just this year, I was inspired to coordinate a weekly “PB&J Brigade” with my neighborhood ladies. Several months into this ministry, we have made more than 7,000 sandwiches for the homeless and created camaraderie among my neighbors at the same time!”

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