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More Than You Realize

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The Origin of MTYR

They say, “you need a personal relationship with Jesus.” But the question is, “okay, how?” Without an encounter with Jesus and an interior prayer life, Christianity doesn’t make much sense. That’s why we’ve taken up the mission to help you experience Jesus personally, become his disciple, and to see that all of this really will make your life better…

We have consulted with some of the best leaders in the Church today, engaged the Church’s source documents on discipleship, and studied the sociological realities of the early church and our own times. Christianity’s explosive growth was the result of something both simple and profound. What we found can’t be made into a program for distribution, can’t be microwaved, or scaled quickly.

Our Why

MTYR is helping people experience Jesus in the context of community, explore their lives through growing self-awareness, and exclaim God’s love through authentic witness.

While it may sound simple, those who have completed our experiences share over and again, their own delighted version of “Yep, my faith has impacted my life much more than I realized!”

Our Team

We’ve pooled 100+ years of collective experience in the following areas:

  • priestly and religious formation
  • diocesan, parish, and apostolate administration
  • lay spiritual direction and ministry

To set out in a pioneering direction

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Our Method

We believe there is no other way to assist the Master than to mimic his method. Just as Christ invested deeply and personally in his disciples, we mirror this “life on life ministry” because we believe YOU are Christ’s mission to the world.  When approached properly, your individual growth in the spiritual life can be extremely personal and yet benefit from community. The fine art of spiritual facilitation fosters an environment where freedom, self-discovery, intimacy with God, and a greater sense of purpose spring forth. From our newsletter, to our events, to the More Than You Realize Experiences, we have carefully constructed a continuum to meet individuals where they are at and help them go deeper.

What we offer

From the easily accessible experience of The Way, to the immersive On Fire, and the recently piloted Your Mission, we are offering something needed in the Church today: genuine formation at the heart of the Christian experience! Through these experiences, Christ integrates a person’s knowledge of the faith with self-awareness around one’s unique gifting, growth in Christian virtue, a rich prayer life in communion with God, as well as ongoing discernment about a person’s call to mission. To equip Catholics as missionary disciples for today’s culture, our formation experiences provide:

  • Growth opportunities rooted in the four areas of Christian maturity: spiritual, human, intellectual and apostolic formation;
  • Personal coaching to discover one’s unique gifting and strengths as members of Christ’s Body;
  • Spiritual direction for a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ through the interior life of prayer;
  • Mentorship in discerning one’s mission in service to the Kingdom of God;
  • Fellowship within a community of practice for increased missionary outreach to the margins of our society.
  • Please pray for our clergy-based metanoia project.

Our approach to formation assumes that missionary discipleship is a developmental process of personal growth in Christ. For discipleship to bear fruit out in the world—to be missionary—it must become a way of life oriented toward the restoration, healing and renewal of the human person. A disciple cannot do for others what he or she has not yet experienced for themselves.

Four places we can meet you on your personal journey: