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Who is pouring into you, Father, and into your staff?

Every ministry leader needs someone to invest in them personally over time. Metanoia is a process that pours into clergy and their parish staff to build community and foster personal and cultural transformation for the parish. It unfolds as a guided experience of prayer and faith sharing that supports personal growth and healing. Through an ongoing and deepening encounter with Jesus, participants are invited to discover their deepest identity, integrate the entire practice of Metanoia for themselves, and learn to lead parishioners to a deeper relationship with Jesus through the same practice of ongoing encounter.

Metanoia is the foundation of the Preambula Group method of growth and transformation.

What to expect

  • For pastors, participate with a group of brother priests who support each other in ministry and life.
  • Enjoy weekly individual prayer experiences that invest in the pastor’s personal and spiritual reservoir.
  • Experience team building activities that cultivate trust and cohesion for the clergy and pastoral teams.
  • Participate in retreats for the entire pastoral team that maintain focus and energy.
  • Receive individual and team coaching around personal identity and mission.
  • Benefit from ongoing training and consultation for parish renewal.


I realized I need to receive:

“The turning point came when I realized, my relationship with Jesus had become about the things I was doing for others. The opposite was true for me. I needed to receive…that has helped my heart stay in rhythm with the heart of Christ.”

Fine tuning what needs work:

“Metanoia is a retreat from the rest of the week… It is a fine tuning of what needs to be worked on to get closer to Jesus.”

I have been seeking this:

“Metanoia has helped me to see the qualities in my brothers that I want to emulate… I have been seeking this kind of experience since I have become a priest and have not found until now.”

I have received healing:

“It has helped me to walk more closely with Him and to become the brothers that we desire… Metanoia is a great blessing and I have received healing.”

Interested in working with us?

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