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A testimony by Samuel and Natalie Newcamp

Samuel and Natalie are a young couple married just a couple of years and the devotion they have to their faith is, in a word…. INSPIRATIONAL!

Samuel said how amazing an experience it was to invite another person from his On Fire cohort to paddle board then pray at North Park. As the two of them read the daily scripture from their bibles, in a pavilion, in the middle of the park surrounded by others just going about their day, he said “It was so powerful!” Prior to On Fire, he would not have prayed with someone else especially in public, but it felt so natural… no hesitancy, no reservation. He said it was one of his best experiences to pray with someone else.

Natalie has an amazing voice and mentors cantors for the youth and teens at her parish, leads praise and worship evenings and teaches over 30 kids spiritual music. She says Samuel is the “idea” person in their marriage and she’s the “executer”. She strongly believes On Fire should be a part of every marriage prep class. “Understanding each other’s gifts builds a strong, solid foundation for your relationship and marriage.”

Together, they have just launched Laudate Fitness, a faith/fitness center helping individuals strengthen both their physical and spiritual health.

At Laudate, they offer Elevated Prayer and SoulCore, techniques designed to focus on functional movement and provide a full-body workout while praying. Their coaches are all committed Christians who are passionate about guiding others on their fitness journey. “Come and See” what Samuel and Natalie are offering in Hampton, PA it is truly amazing!