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Family Activities and Traditions You Can Begin This Year!

Whether it’s Thanksgiving Day, Christmas season, or you’re hosting this weekend’s football watch party, being together with family and friends is something to be cherished. Bonds deepen and memories are made while we share meals, laughs, or even mundane chores.

While we certainly all deserve a few hours to root for our team, or time alone with a cup of tea, we also know you want to connect with the important people in your life. To be helpful, we wanted to pass along some easy-to-apply reminders or new ideas that may be helpful while planning your gatherings.

We really like some of these tips – just click on the links provided:

  1. This may be the year to rekindle or begin a great family tradition: 10 great ideas you could begin this year.
  2. Backyard football can be fun for the whole family (and not just that one overly intense relative): Family Football Guide.
  3. Make the down time fun and meaningful (including some virtual ideas for those out of town): 50 Family Games and Activities.

Finally, since we sincerely think smiling and laughing is good for your soul, here’s a game which should prompt some funny performances among your family members. This game comes in a “family” and adult version. : UTTER NONSENSE!: The Game of Funny Voices and Accents.

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