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As we were cleaning up from our first HOUSE GATHERING (photo gallery below) on December 3rd, we were struck by how many amazing people and experiences have been made possible through MTYR by Preambula Group.

In just the last 30 days, our ministries and community members have made the personal investment necessary for life-on-life discipleship to help others experience, explore, and exclaim a deeper or renewed faith in Jesus!

We are so blessed. Scroll below to see a brief snapshot of what’s happening now!

The Way

Dr. Michel Therrien is leading the 17th cohort of THE WAY for attendees from 4 counties and two states!

On Fire

3 different cohorts of ON FIRE  are meeting concurrently.

  • Vaughn Thomas & Luann Richardson are leading cohort 25 at St. Joseph’s in Baden and online.
  • Jim Zern, Karen Pritz & Marcella Lantzman are leading cohort 26 at St. Joan of Arc’s in the South Hills (St. Catherine Labouré Parish).
  • Mimika Garesché & Ed Wethli are leading cohort 27 at St. Joseph’s in Baden, PA.

Your Mission

Mimika Garesché & Michel Therrien are leading Cohort 2 of YOUR MISSION at the Martina Center for Spiritual Renewal.

Metanoia Project

Emily Belchik and Scott Lieb continue work with a grouping of great priests to develop the METANOIA PROJECT.

First House Gathering

Around 70 alumni of MTYR Experiences and some new friends came together at Brother Andre’s Café to enjoy an evening of fellowship, prayer, and music. The gathering shared some laughs and a warm welcome from Michel Therrien and Ree Mitra. Ed Wethli shared his powerful witness and lead a reflection before prayer teams met with individuals.

Judy Abbs and her team deserve a special shout-out for the great food and environment. The great music of Scott Lieb and Josh Gawaldo created the perfect setting.

Exciting News for early 2022

We ask for your prayers as we are discerning an amazing opportunity to impact even more lives in 2022! As God’s will becomes more clear, we continue to be more excited and grateful to serve. Praise Jesus!