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Dr. Peter Howard of the Fulton Sheen Institute interviews Dr. Michel Therrien of Preambula Group. Two great and accessible minds address the challenges we face with authenticity, honesty, and bring great perspective to those worried about our world or our culture.

“The enemy has no counteroffensive to faith, hope, and love… we have to get back to the basics of the spiritual life, and really lean deeply into those. We need to allow faith, hope, and love to come alive in us so we can show up in the world every day with joy, with confidence, with courage – with all the things Christ endows us with.” – Dr. Michel Therrien

Last year Preambula Group won a Catholic Media Award for it’s “Religious Freedom is More Than You Realize” campaign. Check out this apparel in our store (all proceeds directly fund MTYR formation experiences for others.) “Free To Believe” Collection