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Community Partnerships

that are more than you realize

The factors that initially created our churches no longer exist. So it’s time to shift our strategies . . .
People are hurting more than ever, and for many, it’s their own life experience that has them looking everywhere but to Jesus for help.

So why are we filled with optimism? Well, simply, the factors that formed the earliest Christian community will always exist! Beginning in the Fall of 2022, we will be engaging partner parishes to roll out this comprehensive cultural initiative. Together, and through Christ, we can accomplish More Than You Realize.

This can mean

Anyone engaged with the Church knows that things are more challenging than ever. We know you care as much as we do about the mission of Christ, His Church, and His people.

Dark periods have come and gone, and they always remind the Church to return to her fundamentals before it can begin the inevitable work of renewal. The past decades of Christian ministry have been marked by a belief that the biggest challenge facing the Church is merely poor catechesis. But the challenge is much deeper and more personal than that.

It’s time for us to rediscover the ancient practice of how Jesus captured people’s hearts, sent them out, and transformed the world.


We personally know hundreds of priests, parish staff and council members, and have personally served at every level of the Church. So let us begin by saying, we know you’re doing amazing work in our parishes. We are sincerely grateful to great priests and lay leaders who carry the weight of our communities in unprecedented times. It’s with this in mind that we want to offer the following statements to all those who will partner with us:

  • You deserve to be healthy and happy. Your relationship to a particular parish should belief giving rather than draining.
  • You deserve to have people pour into you. Only when your reservoir is full can you be a river for others.
  • You deserve to be appreciated for your ministry and not expected to “create” the church as if everything depends on you alone.
  • You don’t need another “thing to do”. We know you desire to “lead a culture” of healing, growth and integration that results in more parishioners taking responsibility for the vibrancy of your community

The four major principles that guide everything we do:

  • Our approach is rooted in the timeless truths of our faith, and our confidence emanates from the Holy Spirit.
  • Every single phase was developed as a stand-alone ministry, tested, and proven to work. We’ve harnessed decades of expertise and experience to develop these phases in a way that can bring real transformation and a shift to parish culture over time.
  • We want to stand right beside clergy, lay leaders, and councils to deliver this experience. We’re not “dropping and splitting.” We are “staying and working” for God’s people.
  • Our MTYR method is designed to gradually leave the community with a sense of ownership and the ability to build Christian movement and community around a repeatable cycle of integration and growth!

Want to know how this cultural initiative could impact your church?