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Parish Partnerships

Let us ease your burden, Father.

Preambula Group is excited to come alongside you and help you realize your vision for a thriving, mission-driven parish, full of excited and eager disciples. We would love to pour into your team and your parishioners during this challenging time in the Church. We are partnering with parishes to provide a continuum of guided spiritual experiences that will help your parishioners thrive in the heart of Jesus and attain the confidence to use their gifts and talents both within the parish and beyond to build the Kingdom of God. Our experiences are providing deep and integral formation that is catapulting parishioners into their communities as mature disciples.

Dr. Michel Therrien

Michel Therrien, STL, STD

The Impact of our Experiences


have a closer relationship with Christ

“First, this experience has deepened my relationship with God. As stated by Jesus, as I love God more, I love others more. My patience and love of others is becoming part of my life day by day, minute by minute.”


are now active in their local parish

“I have joined the Hospitality Committee and am helping to plan events such as coffee and donuts, dinners, etc. where people feel welcomed and which will help create a healthy, vibrant community in the parish.”


say their marriages have improved

“Knowing my strengths helps me recognize my husband’s gifts and appreciate that he too has been blessed with his own gifts, strengths, and talents. Accepting the differences in how we approach situations leads to a more harmonious home life.”


say that their families are stronger

“Going through On Fire has definitely made me a better mother. I have a much greater appreciation for my children as gifts from God after going through this experience. I now see my family as a sacred unit, and I feel passionate about evangelizing in and through my family. It is God’s gift to me and to the world!”

My wife and I are part of a team forming a ministry to women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy.


I have started a ‘PBJ Brigade’ weekly with my neighborhood ladies. We make 150 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the Red Door. The neighbors donate the supplies and I deliver to the Red Door where I volunteer weekly. This has created camaraderie while helping feed the homeless.


I am more involved with church. I got to lead Alpha a couple times and I am involved with Christlife. I am in a small group and we are getting motivated to start a new ministry in our church and put our faith into action.


I have joined the Hospitality Committee and am helping to plan events such as coffee and donuts, dinners, etc. where people feel welcomed, and which will help create a healthy, vibrant community in the parish. I formed a parent rosary group at my kids’ school where parents can pray for the school and one another and make friendships among the parents. I am also leading a small group in my home for other moms. I feel that On Fire has definitely made me a better, more Spirit-filled leader.


I have become a regular participant at St. Martin’s Table First Sunday dinner at St. Bernard’s Church. I love to cook for others.


Got involved and worked extensively at our church festival — a joint effort of the 3 recently joined churches to get to know more parishioners and share community with the other church members, now all parishioners of the same parish.

Anonymous Participant

Working on expanding health ministry to provide respite care, and programming to assist and support caregivers. I hope to expand this to the greater community. I am on a mission to provide a greater understanding of Catholic teaching on end-of-life care and advance directive.


I care for elderly neighbors with patience and kindness, modeling the love I discovered through the experience. I also became more confident to share podcasts and have open discussions about faith with others. I have become a more compassionate teacher for the most vulnerable.


On Fire gave me a personal relationship with Jesus. I have found myself trusting Him more and more. This is much deeper and richer than my prior experience with the Lord. It also gave me an increased sense of service. My husband and I went on to become marriage mentors for Renew the I Do, prayer partners for Awake and Pray, and to head Amen to Action food packing event.


The Impact of our Experiences

We help parishioners thrive in the heart of Jesus through a continuum of guided spiritual experiences.

  • Our approach is rooted in the timeless truths of our faith, and our confidence emanates from the Holy Spirit.
  • Every single phase was developed as a stand-alone ministry, tested, and proven to work. We’ve harnessed decades of expertise and experience to develop these phases in a way that can bring real transformation and a shift to parish culture over time.
  • We want to stand right beside clergy, lay leaders, and councils to deliver this experience. We’re not “dropping and splitting.” We are “staying and working” for God’s people.
  • Our method is designed to gradually leave the community with a sense of ownership and the ability to build Christian movement and community around a repeatable cycle of integration and growth!


We pour into the pastoral staff to ground the entire initiative in Jesus through prayer and team cohesion.

Thrive Event

We launch a promotional campaign that culminates with an event that will energize your community and attract deeper engagement from your parishioners.

The Way

The first in a continuum of experiences for people to discover what wonderful things Jesus will do to lead them to a wholehearted and joyful life.

On Fire

Participants journey in a community that helps deepen their relationship with Jesus, discover their innermost identity as beloved children of God, and experience healing and integration.

Prophetic Huddle

We provide tools, principles and skills to help people grow in listening to God and sharing it with others, within a context of discipleship.

Your Mission

This step enables participants to discover their call and take risks as they step out in faith to live as mature disciples capable of bringing Jesus to those who do not know Him.