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More Than You Realize




What is it?

On June 26th, Preambula Group and Cadence Clubhouse will host the first More Than You Realize event in western Pennsylvania. The evening will blend live music, time for socializing with food and drinks, moving witness testimonials, and leave you with an uplifting message any disciple of Jesus Christ will value.

You won’t want to miss a great evening of friendship in an amazing atmosphere. Jesus Christ, our community, and your particular mission are all More than You Realize. We look forward to seeing you there!

What to Expect

In addition to plenty of social time, we have surprises (shareable videos, giveaway’s, and a very special guest). Although our sponsors have made admission FREE, capacity will be reached, so reserve your ticket today!

Amazing Atmosphere

Be greeted by smiles, laughter, live music, and great food in an amazing outdoor and indoor venue. The atmosphere and fellowship will be enough to make you glad you came.

Discover MTYR Experiences

In recent years, we’ve taken up an ancient approach to Christianity, and through it Christ has been doing something new! Learn its origin, who it’s impacted, and where it’s going.

Real Community

Use the evening to be welcomed into our Christian community or to reunite with your cohort members (On Fire, The Way, etc.) Meet the facilitators and learn how easy it is to stay connected.

Be Uplifted and Called

We are working hard to deliver an evening of great messages, witness testimonials, and connection so you’ll leave feeling encouraged and excited for what’s next.

Event Details

Event Schedule

6:00 PM

Doors Open

Arrival, enjoy venue, music, and reunite with your cohorts. There will be a lot to see.

7:00 PM

Formal Welcome

You'll want to have a great view of our formal welcome and the program's launch.

7:10 PM

MTYR Origin Story

Hear a refreshingly honest assessment of our times and why they require new experiences and community. It's time to focus on the path forward!

7:25 PM

Witness Stories & Testimonials

You can't microwave authentic spirituality. You'll be introduced to individuals who have experienced something very new as a result of a method that is very ancient.

7:45 PM

You Mean More Than You Realize

We want to give you some ways to engage, a free gift, and leave you with an uplifting call to mission in your own life!

8:00 PM

Our guest of honor!

Music takes off from our closing video, and we show gratitude to the reason for it all.

8:15 - 9:30

Music, Drinks, Social Time

Enjoy time together in a great environment. Cash bar and live music.

Parking Layout

There will be volunteers at the entrance to assist you in finding the closest parking areas. Beyond the Cadence parking lot, many of us will use the designated parking areas (highlighted in yellow) at various spots along Lake Shore Dr. Please let our volunteers know if you need to drop someone off at the front door before parking. Doors open at 6 PM, so consider parking just prior to that to ensure you have time to comfortably get situated.



This event will not be cancelled for weather. If the Lord blesses us with a little sprinkle, we’ll adjust as necessary and enjoy a great evening anyway!

What to Wear

Please dress as if you were going to a neighborhood cookout or an evening summer concert (yep, wear whatever you want). The majority of the event will be outside in the super inviting “beer and wine garden / amphitheater area” which has a gravel floor. So consider the weather, wear comfortable shoes, and don’t over think it!

Food and Drink

Although we will have light appetizers and various beverages will be available throughout, you may want to eat dinner before attending the event. Here is what will be available:

  • To enjoy a great dinner at Cadence Clubhouse you must sit down and dine inside prior to the outdoor MTYR event (you cannot see the event from the restaurant). You’ll want to be back outside by 6:30.
  • During the outdoor MTYR event there will be water, soda, beer, wine, coffees, etc. available at a cash bar.
  • Complimentary light appetizers will also be available.
  • It’s summer: you can bring water bottles or whatever keeps you hydrated and comfortable.

Join Us

What are you waiting for? You won’t want to miss this event!

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