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Our guided experiences are changing lives

With each cohort, we receive more and more feedback about how participants find their lives changed, improvement in their mental health, stronger marriages, tremendous growth in their relationship with God, and so much more. Here are some examples of what our participants are saying:

I've felt so peaceful inside since my On Fire experience and because of that my mental health has improved tremendously.

LauraOn Fire

When I knew for certain that surrendering to God would relieve me of any responsibility to fix what I can't control, a peace overcame me. Now I know that each time I call upon Jesus, Mary, our holy family and our angels to take from me what is not mine to deal with, I am instantly calm, eventually peaceful.

ChristianOn Fire

My wife and I both experienced On Fire together. This has brought us into a deeper relationship with one another from a faith and spiritual perspective that has allowed us to share as one. On Fire has helped me from a 'boldness' perspective based on God's love for me and for my children. The boldness hasn't necessarily been an 'in your face' witness but more of how I am living my life as a witness.

MattOn Fire

The personal assessment tools helped me to understand myself better - both in my strengths and those areas that I was not as strong. I took this knowledge into my marriage and my role as a dad. I encouraged my wife to take the assessments - which she did - and it helped us to understand each other in a far greater way, which helped us to be more patient, merciful, and compassionate toward each other

ScottOn FIre

I had major anxiety issues before On Fire. When I came to understand who was in control and who was sovereign in my life, it gave me peace to know that He was there for real!

GingerOn Fire