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At the request of the Board, we’ve provided some easy to access support for each step of the process. Also, never hesitate to contact us with questions or guidance. Thank you!

1. CONTACT PROSPECTS: Copy, paste, and customize these email template options.

Option 1: Formal & substantive…

Dear [ . . . ]

Paragraph 1:

Personalized message

Paragraph 2:

I am currently serving on the Board of [Directors or Advisors] of an exciting new Catholic non-profit organization called Preambula Group ( They provide Catholics with a bold and innovative new approach to personal and spiritual growth that is transforming people’s lives in Christ.

Preambula Group was founded by Dr. Michel Therrien, one of the Church’s effective theological leaders today. Michel leads the organization with both intellectual depth and pastoral realism, cultivated by his more than 15 years of experience as a seminary professor and Dean at St. Vincent Seminary, the Augustine Institute, and as Secretary for Evangelization and President of the Institute for Pastoral Leadership for the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Preambula Group provides Catholics with what Michel calls “formation at the heart of the Christian experience.” These opportunities for spiritual and missional growth are branded under the motto of More Than You Realize (MTYR). MTYR experiences provide opportunities for a deep encounter with Jesus, self-discovery in one’s unique gifting, and the call to mission through small intimate community settings and personal mentorship. The apostolate’s primary mission is to pour deeply into high-capacity individuals that desire to mature as disciples of Jesus Christ and go out to bring the Kingdom of God to others. You can learn more about MTYR experiences at

Final paragraph:

Personalized close

I would welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and discuss the mission of Preambula Group . . .

Option 2: Informal and emotive:

Paragraph 1:

Personalized greeting

Paragraph 2:

I really wanted you to take a look at something I find exciting. I know you like to support groups that personally impact individuals in a way that directly changes lives and communities for the better.

An organization called Preambula Group has found a way to help Catholics grow spiritually and live discipleship as a lifestyle. They have impacted priests, lay people, and created positive movement within the Catholic church.

Take a look at the testimonials on their home page I’d love to talk about who they are and how they are doing this.

Final paragraph:

Personalized close.

2. PRESENTATION: Choose either the long form slide show or the short video based overview.

3. DOCUMENT: Formally identify this potential supporter.

Please fill in whatever information you now about this prospect, and we’ll take it from there:

Fill Form Here

4. PARTNER: Asking for support.

We thank you for requesting support for our important mission. We are happy to meet with anyone in person or through zoom. Let us know!


Thank you!