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We are pouring into individuals spiritually and over time. That’s not transactional – it’s transformational.

Although we’ve consulted with dioceses across the country and worked on some of the largest programmatic projects in the church today, we’ve seen from the most intimate vantage point how “projects” don’t ultimately meet personal needs. Jesus used REAL relationships to create REAL encounter, community, and growth.

It’s with great enthusiasm that we invite you to learn more.

How do we RECEIVE people into encounter and relationship?

Through our Metanoia Process we are pouring into priests to change culture from the heart out.

How do we help people GROW in the spiritual life?

We’ve designed experiences that pick up right where programs leave off, and people are looking for more.

How do we help growing disciples ACTIVATE their gifts?

Bolstered by self-knowledge and an intimate relationship with God, we help people become missionaries.

How do we GO OUT into our communities and bring people back to the Lord?

Having taken people within, we will help them go out into the 3rd spaces of community with supporting campaigns and events.

Conceptualizing the MTYR Ecosystem