You are Christ’s mission to the world.

By doing something ancient we’re seeing Jesus do something new.

We are pouring into individuals spiritually and over time. That’s not transactional – it’s transformational.

Although we’ve consulted with dioceses across the country and worked on some of the largest programmatic projects in the church today, we’ve seen from the most intimate vantage point how “projects” don’t ultimately meet personal needs. Jesus used REAL relationships to create REAL encounter, community, and growth.

It’s with great enthusiasm that we invite you to learn more.

New Position Search: Director of DevelopmentNew Position Search: Director of Development
Early Church

Christians lived authentic and meaningful lives

We're helping individuals grow through

MTYR Experiences

Early Church

And they used the

gifts they received to

bring Christ to others.

We're coming alongside communities through

MTYR Ecosystem

We’ve studied the early Church’s explosive growth and found a method both profound and simple. By rediscovering something ancient, we see Jesus doing something new!

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