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Our Voice

In the national, digital and immediate conversation forming public opinion.

Our Mission

Our Goal is simple: to create a unified, Catholic voice in the United States by becoming the catalyst for the dioceses, religious orders, and apostolates across the country. Our mission is to be a protecting arm for the Church by creating media and messaging that preaches the truth of the Gospel.

Our four arms include providing research, fostering a diocesan network, employing public relations, and creating national campaigns. We have the expertise, experience, and talent to be leaders in these four areas. Our team is on mission, living for the Word and striving to defend our Church.

The Current Reality

Our absence from the national media and public relations landscape is a crucial and exacerbating factor in this crisis.

The Church in the United States is not equipped for today's media landscape

Individual dioceses do not possess the resources for the “big fights.”

It is likely that over the next decade, we will see diocese after diocese become overwhelmed by new national media investigations that fuel and motivate political forces to prosecute the Church. As isolated units, individual dioceses will be unable to answer these challenges — communicationally or financially.

Our faithful increasingly consume national media and through digital social platforms while we are regional, locked into antiquated models, and failing.

As we are not able to effectively participate where our faithful consume media, the deleterious effects on our morale could make it even harder to ramp up efforts in the future. Even the best resourced (people and money) cannot take on complex realities of PR and social media.

We lack a trusted lay-run operation that can get a wider perspective understood nationally.

Unlike many special interest groups and lobbies, the Church does not have expert spokespeople speaking on its behalf on a national level. A loosely related entity of lay people can more vigorously defend the Church, without making individual Bishops look defensive.

Without new tactics, the Church may suffer another decade or more of setbacks.

The “worst crisis in American Church history” is not close to being over.

As investigations are launched state by state and more findings are released year after year, we could see a sprawling, demoralizing effect that renders the Church unable to mobilize and spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth. We cannot afford to sit and wait for this to pass.

(from The Causes and Context of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests in the United States, 1950 – 2010)

We must examine the Pennsylvania grand jury report as a case study.

In retrospect, the Pennsylvanian dioceses were not equipped with the resources necessary to respond to the grand jury report. With knowledge of the report years before its release, the entire country should have seen the threat and launched our own proactive narrative.

Ineffective response is contributing to ongoing damage – it is, in fact, part of the crisis.

While the ongoing crisis of current sexual abuse of minors by clergy has largely passed, the lack of a national public relations strategy has left the Church unable to respond adequately. Despite the Church’s drastically improved track record on abuse, this ineffectiveness has contributed to an ongoing crisis of confidence.

What we do

An introduction of four areas we provide.

1. Research

Become leading experts of issues (stats, causes, treatments, practices)

  • Establish a sophisticated research group that begins by researching and eliminating sexual abuse.
  • Understand and contextualize real statistics to dramatically widen public’s understanding.
  • Increase investigative and reporting capacity of sexual abuse of minors (other org’s).
  • Help other institutions rise to our level of expertise and more effectively protect children.

2. Diocesean Network

Bishops have access to an agency with one focus.

  • Bishops have direct influence and establish open communications with this agency.
  • Best practice is established across the country to open grassroots channels.
  • Establish an efficient and effective inter-diocesan communications channel.
  • Open sharing from dioceses looking for help, to free training/advice from agency.

3. Public Relations

Address the issues w/ right people, right info, right timing.

  • Employ expert spokespeople who can speak truth to the real issue of protecting children.
  • Create a team that can provide immediate digital response in any news cycle.
  • Provide context proactively so as to present the issue as it is and raise critical questions.
  • Present real solutions to the real problems and progress in the goal of protecting children.

4. National Campaign

Direct the narrative towards vision and mission.

  • Cast a vision for the future of the Church that inspires the faithful and engages the world.
  • Recruit needed collaborators, identify target audiences, and determine necessary channels.
  • Develop content that proactively directs the narrative towards mission.
  • Measure feedback to assess the reach, impact, response, and re-evaluate accordingly.

Be a part of the first campaign

Our first campaign is beginning soon. Come be a part of history, defending our beloved Church and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is so much to be gained by joining together. Individually, we are under-resourced and can’t create national traction through social mediums. The devil is betting that we won’t pass the ball to each other. We aren’t asking for money or another apostolate, and it is not rocket science, we just need to create a unified front in our messaging. All we ask is that you join us.

So that they all may be one

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