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Joshua Karabinos

Vice President of Preambula Group

Joshua’s 20 years of experience leading or contributing to allied organizations offer a particular value to the Preambula Group (PG). Throughout his career he has been able to build tight-knit teams that are able to launch successful and sustainable campaigns or revitalize failing initiatives. He cites the real lives improved, the methodologies that make that possible, and the great people involved, as his primary motivators for joining Preambula.

Joshua’s experience includes his work as a consultant in both the private and not-for-profit sectors, serving the Archdiocese of Denver for seven years in roles such as Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, developing a ministry directed at marginalized youth, and as the former Director of Marketing & Recruitment at the Augustine Institute.

He built a national reputation particularly in communications for strategies that have been adopted by dioceses and some ministries across the U.S. Examples include parish service models, grass roots communications networking, major campaigns, and best-in-class responses to historical public relations issues and the Covid-19 pandemic.


Joshua is particularly proud of his western-PA roots. The values of “hard work and plain speak” helped him have private sector success early in his career. An adult reversion to the faith in his mid-30s inspired his move into professional positions that supported Catholic mission.

The pride and joy of Joshua’s life is his son Kilian.


about Joshua and his collaborators

...The Archdiocese of Denver established a dedicated function called Office of Strategy Integration. This structural adjustment has proven to be a valuable investment yielding greater alignment, improved information sharing, and increased speed and agility in communications."

GRANT THORNTON LLPState of Not-for-Profit Sector Report, 2019 Best Practices

“The Archdiocese of Denver is at the forefront of the New Evangelization and the communications office is at the forefront of the archdiocese’s efforts ... It’s a strategy and a set of products that are great models for the entire Catholic Church in the United States.”

George WeigelDistinguished Senior Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center

“In Evangelii Gaudium, Pope Francis called for a renewed spirit of ‘missionary creativity’ in the Church through ‘contact with the homes and the lives of its people’. Josh Karabinos has wholeheartedly embraced this call, and his team serves as an outstanding support for parishes seeking to become true ‘centers of constant missionary outreach.’”

Kevin KnightFounder and Editor,, Blog and Social Media Editor,

“We’ve worked with a lot of diocesan leaders around the country over the years. I can confidently say that your team there – particularly Josh Karabinos and communications – are truly top-notch and among the best in the country...They understand that the power of new technologies is not in the impressiveness of its novelty, but in its practical application of doing important work. They know it’s about relationships. You’re doing something special.”

Matt WarnerFlocknote Founder and CEO, Digital Church Conference Co-Founder

“Josh demonstrates a deep passion for the truth of the Gospel and an unswerving commitment to delivering work of a quality befitting the Church’s mission. He is a dedicated team-builder, and has a knack for recognizing others’ talents and fostering their development. I sincerely appreciate the zeal and energy he brings to the work of the institutional Church.”

David HazenDirector of Communications, Archdiocese of Omaha
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Work with a different kind of consultant. Earned experience at the ministry, apostolate, and archdiocesan levels will be at your disposal and you will be assisted in strategizing and implementing change that matters. So if your considering a new initiative, or a new communications plan, or want to work with a someone who will bring realism and missionary zeal to your project, consider reaching out.

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  • Archdiocesan Strategic Communications 
  • Multi-media Campaigns and Major Initiative Management
  • Catholic Education Marketing & Communications
  • Operations, Staffing & Service Alignment
  • Parish Organizational Culture and Health