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This mission requires experimentation, collaboration, and endurance. The Preambula Group’s first three initiatives embody our strategy of engagement. Each initiative is anchored by the criteria that we follow Jesus’ method of evangelization with every initiative; we help Catholics increase their capacity to be bridges for others to have an intimate, personal encounter with Jesus; and that we do not compete with, but support the work of parishes and other lay apostolates.  provides video content for the ministry of “pre-evangelization” to the religiously unaffiliated​ and spreads the MTYR brand through an MTYR store. This is our public facing outreach into the digital third spaces of our culture.

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MTYR.Church builds a network of missionary disciples [Preambula Network] who will help us run timely media campaigns for It will also house two formation programs for members of Preambula Network.

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MTYR You provides growth opportunities to members of the Preambula Network, which are rooted in the four areas of Christian maturity: spiritual, human, intellectual and apostolic formation.

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MTYR Lead is a leadership development program for those with the gifting to serve as facilitators of MTYR You.

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