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Guided Experiences

that are more than you realize


Not a program. Not a speaker. Not a resource. Not a gimmick.

Preambula Group’s primary ministry is called “More Than You Realize (MTYR).” These are guided experiences that bring about a new perspective of faith, leads individuals into a process of self-discovery that helps them integrate their lives, and makes their own personal thriving their authentic witness.

"Come and see" for yourself:

It’s the most overused saying in ministry, “Meet them where they’re at.” We need first to ask this question as the key to mission. So, where are they at?

It’s with great sensitivity that we submit that people are generally overwhelmed, and many are in a really tough place. As the studies pile up, we see a clear narrative that people are hurting. Long before Covid-19, the average person was already suffering from a pandemic rooted in the disintegration of self.

Who am I? What am I? Why is my mental, physical, or emotional health suffering? Why do I feel stuck in patterns that don’t bring joy? How do I get a handle on all of this?

The answers are more accessible than most realize. People are experiencing growth at the heart of the Christian experience in ways they never have before. The ancient way of Jesus Christ is about pouring into people, personally, and over time. Together, in their own community, people will experience that their life is More when Jesus is at the center.


So, how do we help people understand that they are more than they realize and that Jesus is the key to renewing their lives? We answer this question by asking another one: If Jesus walked up to our fellow parishioners, what would he heal first in that person? Where is someone’s wound deep enough to stunt their entire being? Is it emotional? Is their lifestyle toxic?

Wouldn’t Jesus heal that first, as he invited them to a permanent relationship of growth and fulfillment, while wrapping them in a community of love and support? The Way of Christian Discipleship is the path of integral growth.


If we look carefully at the Gospels, we see Jesus restoring people’s physical integrity, healing their emotional wounds, leading people out of ignorance into the light of truth, reconciling broken relationships, and liberating people who have been stuck in patterns of shame and social isolation. Regardless of the malady, Jesus came to give us life to the full and the complete joy of His Father.

Sadly, it is common today for people to believe that Christianity is only concerned with transgressions of God’s law and redemption from sin. Even as his disciples, we often don’t think Jesus is concerned about the other areas of our lives—our physical pains, our mental and emotional struggles, or our broken identities. For the elderly, this often leads to thought patterns of shame and unworthiness. For the young, it often leads to walking away from the Church. But Jesus cares about everything and desires to heal, restore, and reintegrate our lives. While it might not seem to be the case, the key to holiness is wholeness! What would happen if people came to believe again that Jesus is the answer to all their struggles?


Our MTYR method shows us that, as a person encounters Jesus in an intimate way and discovers what and who they are, their life changes forever. We’ve seen people ask Jesus to find healing from shame, to change an inflammatory diet and actively rehabilitate a broken heart. As the fog of depression lifts and their emotional health is restored, they simply can’t imagine a life without Jesus at the center. More important, they feel true love for God and those that support them and can’t help but share the good news of Jesus Christ with others through their authentic witness.

See it in action